Artjournaling: The story of a journal 

It all started with an old children book about whales. My son is obsessed with it, he „reads“ it a few times a day and one of his first words was „whale“ (he now believes every fish is called whale, but he’ll learn eventually. 

I then decided to do a small makeover in his room and paint him some whale/sea animal painting.

That’s when I fell in love with indigo and whales. I’ve always been a water girl, I love swimming, I love the sea, I love the smell of it and I love how endless the sea feels. I am longing for this freedom and the feeling the sea gives me. The last time I went swimming was a year ago, because I hate my body after the whole pregnancy and the extra weight I am still carrying. I miss it so much, I need to get a swimming suit and just don’t care about how I look and jump in. 

(Via Dawanda)

I started to make a Pinterest board with whale drawings and illustrations and quotes about the sea. And suddenly I thought I could put all my longings and desires and my slowly growing obsession with whales, water and the colour indigo into a journal. 

(Ava by Gretas Schwester via Pinkepank)

I decided to make a junk journal, because I sometimes feel bad about all the papers we just throw out and I didn’t want to buy a new journal. 

So I am slowly starting to fill it with thoughts about the sea, about whales, with watercolours, with a ton of blue, drawings and photos of whales and quotes about the sea. And it feels so good to work on something that is on your mind a lot. 

What are you creating right now? What is your latest obsession? 


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