Artjournaling: Get Messy Season of music II

Die ersten Wochen der „Season of music“ war ich ja total motiviert und voller Ideen, doch dann kam irgendwie ein tiefes kreatives Loch und ich hatte weder Lust noch Ideen. Dennoch möchte ich euch, das, was ich dann noch so produziert habe, nicht vorenthalten. 

Das Journal im Übrigen wird als Musicjournal weiter bestehen bleiben, denn es gibt noch so viele Lieder, die ich, wenn ich wieder Lust dazu habe, kreativ festhalten möchte. 

What: Middle of the Road- Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Why: so many memories, mostly of my mum and my sisters and I dancing.

How: magazine clipping, watercolours on watercolourpaper, fine liner 

What: Sunrise Avenue- Choose to be me 

Why: Sami! Soundtrack of my life right now.

How: magazine page ripped, a ton of mat gel, paper, fine liner 

What: Bonaparte- too much 

Why: weirdest concert I’ve ever been to

How: tissue paper, lyrics printed on vellum, gold marabou most spray
What: Liza Mitchell- Alice

Why: the lyrics!

How: magazine page, collage items (die cuts, paper), gold marabou spray mist, fine liner 

What: Tarzan, musical- various songs.   Why: I love musicals! We went to see the last show here and the photo, the leaves and the paper on the right are special derniere things.   

How: watercolours, ephemera, fine liner, Heidi Swapp Colour Shine

What: Highschool Musical- breaking free

Why: I even like cliche Disney musicals 

How: watercolours, salt, acrylics, white gel pen
What: ABBA- Slipping through my fingers 

Why: having a child, I get all the feelings.

How: watercolours, magazine clipping, fine liner. 

What: Matt Redman- 10.000 reasons 

Why: there are so many reasons and this talks about a lot of them 

How: magazine clipping, Papierprojekt stamps, fine liner

And because that’s what I did, too, a lot of unfinished pages: 

Going to be: don’t know yet. 

Going to be: Kate Nash- Merry Happy
Going to be: Monika Kruse- Morgana

  • Songs I still plan to do:

Musical Tenors- Vivo per lei

Tanz der Vampire- Für Sarah (and probably a ton more from that musical) 

Wicked- Frei und Schwerelos (defying gravity)

Damian Rice- Nine Crimes

Bruce Springsteen- 41 shots

Bethel Church- Forever and a day

Mike and the mechanics- still haven’t decide which one 

Wuthering Heights- I will crumble

Paps ’n‘ Skar- Sta sera la Luna 

Dixie Chicks- Forgive sounds good

Chris Tomlin- indescribable 

Hinder-Lips of an angle 

Tiere vom Thalerwald- title melody 

Britney Spears- haven’t decided yet

Hoobastank- The Reason 


Sonic Flood-When the music fades 

SoKo- I’ll kill her

Acapella-How wide

Tracy Chapman- Fast cars

Fleetwood Mac- Welcome to the room, Sarah 

Reinhard Mey- Erste Stunde

Tabaluga- Nesaja (Ich wollte nie erwachsen sein) 

Tegan & Sara- nineteen 

Summer of 98


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