Artjournaling: Get Messy season of dreams II

My first double spread of the season and if I am honest it’s not even a real one. The left side was made with pieces of a watercolourpainting my son did. I am slowly starting to incoperate his art into mine and I totally love it. The right side is a mad one, I am still trying to work out a relationship I had a while ago and sometimes it still gets me mad.

My dreams are „mostly loud and sometimes quiet“.

This one is another page created with my son. My heart stopped a second when he used the  yellow, but turned out I love it. We should all challenge our inner child more.

Clean, simple, minimalistic pages, again.

Oh food, you are what I really dream of. 

And the last one, any other cooperation with my son. He „painted the lines“ I filled them. That’s what all of our dreams sometimes look like, don’t they? 


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