Artjournaling: Get Messy season of dreams III

In the middle of the last weeks of the season of dreams I got some really bad and heartbreaking news and at first i thought, I wouldn’t finish the season, but I found, that artjournaling, once again, helped me in really hard and tearful times. I just created pages that showed how my „dreams“ got crushed. How I lost my head and pieces of my heart.

Life is always sugar and salt. Good and bad. Awesome and heartbreaking. Lightness and darkness.
Once again this page features things my son painted.

Sometimes black gesso is all you need. Getting all your frustration on paper is helpful.

I painted a lot of galaxies the last few days, because they express, what my words can’t. Space, home, endlessness, dreams, hopes, unknown.

A song I always return to. Who am I. Right now I lost myself again. Isn’t it weird how we always define us through what happens to us and not what through we do. At least I do so and I need to work on that.
Cutting paper is always therapeutic for me. Every time. Just cutting paper and sorting it. That’s why I do so many of those collages.

I really dream I’d have a best friend. I have friends, don’t get me wrong, but I miss having a best friend who understands me, no matter what. I guess it’s my own fault, but it was therapeutic to create a page about it anyway.

I started Vanessa’s Totem Class and of course my first page was a whale- who fits perfectly as my last page for the season of dreams.


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