Artjournaling: Totems- animals 

Right now I am struggling with so many emotions. Sadness, frustration, guilt, anger, helplessness. I am in a stage in life and my art, where I feel like someone pulled out the rug from under me. 

I figured it would be the perfect time to take a class to put deeper meaning into my art and into my life. 

I chose Vanessa’s Totems Class, which you can get via Get Messy. I love Vanessa’s  art and I love, that it’s always full of meaning and depth.

The first lesson of the class was about Spirit animals. I am a Christian and having a spirit animal was kind of weird for me, but as I learned more about Spirit animals, I chose to see them as my feelings and things I need in my life- as a mirror of those things in my artjournal. I would never pray to animals for guidance, but I believe that God can use them for showing us things. 

One of my animals is a whale. I wrote about what whales mean to me earlier, but I figured out, they stand for even more that I need and want in my life right now. Emotional depth and dealing with emotions for example. Whales always calm me and help me find peace- which blue does to me, too.

See the headballon? That’s me, hanging in the air somewhere. 

My other spirit animal is the fox, not just because it’s my last name, but because I’ve always found them fascinating and beautiful. They are clever and tricky. 

I was trying to figure out how fox an whale could meet and than they just did.

I never knew fox and whale share a lot of things (such as pursuing your dreams, balance, cleverness), but know it totally makes sense. My whales are always female (the woman is the soul of the whale, some legends say), while the fox is mister fox. The fox stands for fertility and the whale for dealing with emotional pain/deepness. I think it’s not a coincidence that both suddenly show up on my pages.

I will paint and read some more of those amazing animals until I’ll move onto the next lesson. 


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