Giftartjournal: musical hits 

One of my New Year’s resolution is making more artjournales to give away as presents to friends and family. Because it’s never too early to start New Year’s resolutions I made two artjournales to give as Christmas presents.

This one was for my oldest friend, with whom I not only share many elementary school memories, but also the love for musicals. I asked her for her favourite musical songs ans created an artjournal out of them.
Before I started working on the selfbound album, I made a playlist of the songs, you can listen to it here:   Musical artjournal playlist

I apologize for the bad photos, but winter is full and grey. So, now on to the pages.

Phantom of the opera
Black and gold, because I find them mystic together, just like the phantom.

Made with: black gesso, marabu gold mist, gold gel pen

Elisabeth- Zwei Boote in der Nacht/ ships in the night

Made with: watercolour, black pen

Aida- einen Schritt zu weit/a step to far
As always I had to do a collage.

Made with: magazine pages

Avenue Q- fine, fine line
Colourful, quirky.

Made with: tissue paper

Elisabeth- Milch/milk

Made with: crayon and black pen

Marie Antoinette- Blind vom Licht der vielen Kerzen/ blinded by a thousand candles
As soon as she listed that song, I knew I had to do a black page with candles.

Made with: black gesso, magazine clippings, white gel pen  

Rebecca- Rebecca
I’ve never seen Rebecca, but I always imagine her as beautiful and strong, just like Gigi.

Made with: magazine clipping, black pen
Wicked- frei & schwerelos/ defying gravity

Galaxy, for obvious reasons.

Made with: Schmincke watercolours (my absolute favourite) and white gel pen

Tanz der Vampire- unstillbare Gier/ Dance of the Vampires- confessions of a vampire.Night, moon, goosebumps.

Made with: acrylics, paper, white gel pen.
Rebecca- Mrs deWinter bin ich
I kept this one totally simple, because I didnt want the eye to be overwhelmed with those two pages. Blue and white, to compliment the „unstillbare Gier“.

Made with: watercolour and black pen

Wicked- Solang ich dich hab/as long es you are mine
Green and pink, because I always associate green with Elphaba and for some reason pink is Fiyero, maybe because of his extrovert behaviour. One of my favourite pages in this journal, because it is one of my favourite musical love songs ever.

Made with: watercolours and black pen

Romeo und Julia- Herrscher der Welt/ Romeo et Juliette- les rois du monde
I do not know, why I went crayz with this page, but I just felt like.

Made with: acrylics (used with a lot of water), gelatos, stencils, black pen, white gelpen

Tanz der Vampire- Gebet/Rote Stiefel / Dance of the Vampires-  prayer/ red boots ballet
I had big plans of blood and dark plops, but it did not turn out, as I wanted to, oh well.

Made with:  watercolour, black mist, red and black pen

Wunder von Bern- Wo stehn wir?

Last page and to be honest, I did not know what to do with this song- and I ran out of time.
So I just used black pen and that is all.

Off to the next special, small journal.


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