Artjournaling: What I am up to 

My head has far too many tabs open.

While my first semester is nearly finished, which just one oral test left, I am juggling a lot of church project work, the start of kindergarten for my son and the nasty cold he brought home for all of us.
But, that’s not enough. I have a ton of artjournaling projects going on, too.

#mydayarted I made a minibook for each months of the year and try to create a artjournal page in it every day. In January I only missed one day, but I wrote a poem that day, so I was creative anyway. I only like a few pages of those I created in January, but it’s okay, it’s a success for me anyway and I am looking forward to create more pages each day of the year. 

#messyfairytales four journals with four fairytales are travelling over Germany. It’s fun to discover my own meaning behind the fairytales we picked. So far I worked on „Jorinda and Joringel“ and „Little Red Riding Hood“. I am looking forward to work on „The Frog King“ and „Snow White and Rose Red“.

(Bottom right: one of my pages for Little Red Riding Hood. Bottom middle: Jorinda and Joringel)

#faithzine I am part of a collaboration between seven amazing on three continents, creating a zine full of prayer, bible quotes and faith for eachother. I adore this project. 

#bloomjournal is a cooperation between Deborah in South Africa and me. Each one of us started a journal (hers is about heroes) and the other one will add to it. 

#faithjournal inspired by Bonita I started a journal for my prayers. Just words and a bit of watercolour and ephemera, nothing fancy. But personal and I think I won’t share those pages with the world.

#totemsjournal slowly, but steady I am working on this course and my journal and will have more to share soon.

#gmkitswappers we had a party kit swap at get messy and I was the recipient of a garden kit from Riet. I decided to create a minibook out of those things and just work with what she send me. It’s not easy, but a lot of fun.

#giftjournal part of my goal to give away miniartjournals this year includes one with coffee and Gilmore Girl quotes, it’s nearly finished and will make its way to a friend soon. 

#whalejournal I haven’t work in this one for a long time, because it kind of overlaps with the totems one, but I feel the urge to work on it today.

And that’s it for now.

I am still part of get messy and not sure if I’ll start a new journal for the season or work in an old one.

And I feel like starting another one, maybe one with colour. Can anyone have too many projects and working on too many journals at the same time? 


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