Collaboration journal: those little things…

… that make life worth living.

The journal itself was created by Amarie. When I got it a million of those small things came to my mind, so creating those pages was no problem. But the time factor was one, I just had too much on my plate and it took ages to finish up those pages, but now they are! 

Small things that make life worth living for me are:

Travelling. First it leaves you speechless and than it turns you into a storyteller.  That’s a quote from a flow magazine. All the paper is, too.

Peonies and beautiful words, two of my biggest loves in life. Words about peonies would top that. Pages created with watercolours and another pictur from a flow magazine.

Nature, rivers, flowers, quite, the smell, the sounds, the colours. All of it, worth living every day and every season and every weather, for that matter.

My love for coffee is endless, as you probably know by now. Those coffee rings where created by dipping a cup into watercolours. I do the same with wine glasses.

Seeing hearts in all places. One of my favourite hashtag. Try searching it and try seeing hearts in your everyday life.

Children laughing. There’s nothing better and nothing that can lift your mood in a second. This one was another attempt at inks (yellow), I am slowly learning to use it. Stamps are Papierwerk stamps and I still use them a lot.


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